Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meditations for the new moon in Gemini

Place a piece of your love in every human and become one with the whole of humanity. Know you are at one with all wherever you go whomever you meet, you see yourself in their eyes for you are a part of everything, because you love, you are Feel your flame within your heart and see light emanating in different colours from your mind and your heart, you are radiant with the glow of love. Let us give thanks for every experience we have, for we have the opportunity to feel more and more love and know we have the freedom to be who we truly are.
Sit comfortably, close your eyes and open your palms to the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the creative, unconditional life force that flows from the source of all…. Breathe….. Feel it flowing into your hands, imagine it to be liquid light........ freely expressing itself through you. Your hands are warm and are ready to create and shape your life, your dreams, your desires. Place your hands at your heart, or anywhere on the body. Nourish yourself as you feel creative, healing love flow from your hands into you. You are creating your life in every moment.
NEW MOON IN GEMINI - May 29th AEST 4.40am, May 28th GMT 6.40am, PDT 11.40am. The New Moon brings opportunities to dive into your richness and begin anew. Feel this new moon as an opportunity to transform the old beliefs still holding you - allow yourself to step through into a new chapter of your life. Open yourself to excitement, curiosity and adventure, live your life, stop thinking about it and just do it.

Stand of the shoulders of giants all that have come before and create something new. The universe needs you to be who you are for it to know itself. Embrace all aspects of you, no more pushing away what you think you don't like. Ask your higher self to alert you to anything within you that is awaiting to be reunited. When you push down and reject any part of you, this disowned part will do whatever it can to get your attention, for it is a part of you and every part of you wants to be love and accepted by you. Whatever you reject in you will be mirrored back to you by the experiences you have in the world and we often blame that experience for how we feel.

Also ask your higher self to alert you to anything that is hurting, raw or wounded within you - then love, cuddle and embrace all these parts of you. Would you turn away from a wounded person or animal? For that is what you do when you reject these parts of you - now is the time to be kind, gentle and patient with you. Feel the twins working together as a unified whole with much wisdom and love. This brings your heart and mind together where you expand into your truth, you can imagine it as a point of light pouring forth your essence, illuminating your path into infinite possibilities.

Come back to you - for the only thing missing in your life is you. Now is the time to be kind, gentle and patient with you. Feel the twins working together as a unified whole with much wisdom and love. This brings your heart and mind together where you expand into your truth, you can imagine it as a point of light pouring forth your essence, illuminating your path into infinite possibilities. Om Shanti, Denise

Image: Green Lotus by Izzy Ivy

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Your Path of Dreams

The beautiful people at last nights' Meditation Gathering inspired the following words. Today connect to your dreams and desires, breath love into them and breath them into life. When you make this your focus you will begin to see the manifestations flowing into your physical world. You have already created your dreams and desires, your job is to feel as good right now, imagine the feeling you will have when you dreams and desires have arrived. When you become it, there it is.
Keep focused and try not to allow the creations of others to take your attention and move you off your path of dreams and desires. Once you do this - you are now creating something different. Ask yourself is this what I want in my life? Your new paradigm is here………… you can choose to feel into the flow or resist and hold onto the old paradigm of limitations. The choice is yours and yours alone to make - do you choose love or fear, either way you will be loved by your Higher self and The Universe.
Breathe in and give, breathe out and receive. Breathe in and adjust, breathe out and adapt. Breathe in and navigate, breath out and create from a place of love. Repeat until you are in bliss with you.Namaste, Denise♥

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


WESAK FULL MOON IN SCORPIO - May 15(Sydney)AEST 5.16am, May 14 (London)GMT  7.16pm,  May 14 (Los Angeles)PDT 12.16pm

A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. The Full Moon in Scorpio is a magical time of regeneration and rebirth it will focus a ray of illuminating truth on your deepest, most passionate desires or ...innermost feelings….. Surrender, delve deeper and further into the beauty of you to reveal any buried pain. As you come face to face with anything you have been avoiding, you have a beautiful opportunity to heal and set yourself free of all that swings away from your centre. When you avoid or resist healing it will cause emotional extremes - these extremes are a reminder and a trigger that something is out of balance.
Instead of avoiding, blaming, moving away or trying to go around these extremes that may bring discomfort - go through it, sit in it, allow it to illuminate the truth, the hidden reason why you may feel upset. This powerful energy will bring new awareness to all within you, new understandings and truths will be revealed, you will not be in the dark anymore - let go, for freedom awaits you.
Let all be as it is and let go, let out, let loose the entanglements and walls which you think protect you, for this is what is trapping you in the life you don't want. Whatever you resist will persist, becoming an exhausting power struggle with life. It is time rise up, step forward and beyond - Love yourself, come to peace with you, right here and right now, this allows healing to begin and a new adventure begins…..
Open your heart and allow the Scorpio healing waters to flush out all that holds you away from being the person you know you are. Allow the healing energy of Unconditional love to comfort, regenerate and nurture you, as you move through this time of transformation. You are becoming a butterfly, feel your wings opening and allow yourself to fly.
All is possible and all is one - feel this Wesak moon illuminate and celebrate the eternal you.
Wesak is the valley below Mount Kailash in Tibet that is the Crown Chakra of Earth. Every year at this Full Moon many people make a pilgrimage to this valley where all the Masters and non-physical Divine Beings meet together. Their energy vibrates in oneness, freedom and love and if you shift your focus and expand your consciousness you will become a part of this. Ride the wave of love and freedom, feel yourself becoming all that you all and make this your new foundation and platform to create your life from. It is also party time as Buddha’s birthday is celebrated. 

Image: The Buddha Presiding Over the Thousands Gathered in the Wesak Valley. The Hierarchy assemble in the 5-pointed star. (Artist: Francis Donald © 2011.)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

You are loved

Do you know who much you are loved by your inner/higher/larger self. However you think people see you is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, this tells you what is holding you away from feeling your inner love, so you can heal this....
When you connect with your inner being you will never need the approval or love from anyone else or anything else outside of you. For it is none of your business what others think of you. Your business is to choose and focus on a new way of being that will move you toward love.
Be who you are, for love flows through you, is it you - and allow your eternal, infinite, inner being to create a life of wonderment, expansion and joy. Namaste, Denise