Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank you

I feel blessed for all the amazing experiences and people who have graced my life and for reminding me "We are a part of all that we have met." I now surrender the past to the past, whatever has been has been, I let go - release all to the ...past. I surrender it all so I can be reborn with each step I take. I let go of my attention to reality and enter a state beyond time and space into an ocean of oneness and expand further into who I truly am. Place your hands at you heart in a prayer position take a deep breath and call all of you to this moment, to this place in front of your heart - your heart opens like a rosebud gently unfolding. Feel yourself being reborn - your divine wisdom, love and power unfolding, shining forth upon the path of your amazing life. Namaste, Denise♥

I will be away until next Tuesday - I thank you all for your support and love and hope you enjoy the Easter break. Create a new way to be in the world as you let go of the old. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Crystal Rainbow Light by Toni Carmine Salerno

Full Moon in Libra

FULL MOON IN LIBRA - March 27th AUST EDT 8.27pm, GMT 9.27am, PDT 2.27am.
A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. Feel the energy of this Libra Moon highlight and trans...form old patterns and fears, allowing yourself to be the love you are. As you heal you will become more intimate with you, seeking a balance between the needs of the self and the needs of another. Remembering the best thing you can do for another is to be in complete harmony with yourself for then you will also see them in complete harmony.

Bathe in the light of the moon and feel a state of equilibrium become you. Honour and love your physical and non-physical self, the body, mind and spirit . Allow them all to move into balance as you realise all have equal importance. You are not your mind, you are not your body and you are not your spirit - you are all of these, a beautiful combination that the Universe celebrates as you. Feel this and celebrate the amazing relationship you have with you - for this is the most important relationship you will ever experience and everything else in this reality is a reflection of that. All is one.

Image: Luna Rosa by Toni Carmine Salerno

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You are so Important

Thank you for your love and inspiration. Just by reading this we have created a new path towards our dreams. May your day be filled with shimmering illuminations. You are so important, you are a way for the Universe to know and experience itself.

Sit quietly, gently close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Imagine you are floating on a beautiful lake, upon a strong, secure raft, let yourself move with the subtle soothing waves. You sense a vibration around you. A beautiful chorus of OM rises from the water surrounding you, this is the sound of the Universe, when it came into being. Feel who you were when the thought of you came into existence, when you thought yourself into this body, into this life. Feel in complete harmony with everything. Every cell is filled with the qualities of your soul and the vibration of OM. Become you, embrace everything. Gently focus on your breathing, open your eyes and go forth quietly and confidently into your day. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Om by Toni Carmine Salerno

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meditation Class

Meditation Gathering - coming together to feel our natural state of being, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm, Friday 10 am, $15 - Transform.
As you embrace and love all parts of the multidimensional self, you understand, reawaken or heal, going beyond any limitations to create a new path. Look to yourself for inspiration – allow the manifestation of others to inspire and move you to your rich source of creativity.
Each of you is a spark, a stream of consciousness – expanding, growing, becoming more, allowing life to move through you. Start from where you are, transform and free yourself from all the various layers of false identity and security that hold you back and keep you bound to the past. Say to yourself -I participate actively in my transformation. I listen to myself as my feelings tell me when I am holding on, when I am being rigid and resistant. I feel the difference when I let go and allow the energy of transformation to carry me forward into freedom, onto a new path.
♥Take a deep breath, feel yourself ready to step forward onto your path of creative joy. Every great adventure starts with a step….Allow yourself to wander into your higher self into the "wouldn't it be nice" scenario and plant seeds from this heightened intelligence, creativity, courage and compassion into the garden of your mind.♥ Be you, Denise♥


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liberate Yourself

Liberate yourself from the manifestations of the past. Throw open the skeletons in the cupboard and release the crystalized thoughts of your ancestors that have manifested as your Genes. Your genes are threads of reality formed by the power of your ancestors thoughts and feelings.
Let us say thank you, thank you to all who have come before us, for their creations and all that they lived, for in doing so they gave us choices and brought us to where we are now. When we are born, we arrive at the vibration of all that the generation before wanted. We are the manifestations of the expanded previous generation. Each generations job is to expand even more for the sheer beauty and joy of it, this is the natural flow of life.
Somehow we allowed ourselves to become living statues, re enacting the experiences of the past, becoming a victim to this. Your Genes are a blueprint, formed by the past to give you a place to start when you arrive. Your Genes do not decide anything, you do. Liberate yourself  step into the flow and become who you know you are. You are powerful, Denise♥
Image: Wonder by Alex Grey

Monday, March 18, 2013

Reiki Share

Tonight is our Reiki Share/Practise - 7pm $15. Feel the essence of you.
♥ Reiki means Universal Life force, the breathe of life - it isn't a process or a modality that if followed will enlighten and heal. It is unconditional love, the essenc...e that brings balance to all things - open yourself to receiving the love, wisdom and empowerment that is there for you in each breath.

Inspire and feel your inspiration as your dreams and desire. Your dreams are the expanded you, what will you do today to realise your dream.Every moment of your life contains all that you need to take you to the next moment and the next...... As you place yourself in this inspired perspective more inspiration will follow - your path will appear and you will always know which way to go - for you are worthy of living your dreams. Be as you are. Denise♥

Image: Blossoms and Eternal Light by Toni Carmine Salerno

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Magical Forest

Close your eyes, breath in the breathe of life and imagine you enter a magical forest. Feel something in you shift, unstick, that thing you do or believe that has been holding you away from your dreams. The frozen limitations are thawing, melting away. You feel softer in your magical forest, rest here awhile….. feeling your energy returning, balancing…. When you feel ready move from your forest into your day. Open your eyes and see the world through eyes of magic. Create, create, create. Namaste, Denise♥♥

Image: Magic Forest by Toni Carmine Salerno

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Middle

Allow all that you have learnt and experienced to become you and not run you. Feel it always moving you to your centre, the eye of the storm. Don't give your attention to the storm for this will suck you out of your centre and balance. You are stronger than you think. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Wind by Toni Carmine Salerno

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Move forward, embrace new ways. You and the whole Universe are one exploring the nature of existence in different forms. When you feel the mystery that is you and connect to it, you welcome the mysteries from the infinite. Here you will know we are all the same eternal, creative force. So, today when you smile at a person, animal, nature or creation, realise you are smiling at your own sacredness. You are sacred, Denise

Image: I embrace the Earth by Toni carmine Salerno

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moon in Pisces

NEW MOON IN PISCES March 12th AUST EDST 6.51am, March 11th GMT 7.51pm PDT 12.51pm. The New Moon always gives you an opportunity to spiral within to set intentions, plant seeds and begin a new. In Pisces we dive head on into the cosmic ocean, feel yourself let go and surrender to the greater/larger part of you. 

 In order to serve humanity and have compassion we must start with ourselves. Pisces allow you to feel and see from your expanded higher self - this shows you and all enlightened, healed - fully in your/their power, ready to dream the dream. Open to the limitless possibilities this new moon has to offer as it connects you to "all that is". Allow it to shed light on the mysterious awakening of this time in our history, triggering something deep within us all, a reminder of who we truly are. Namaste, Denise♥

Image by Toni Carmine Salerno

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and relax. On the out breath move to a place where thought and energy combine to create new possibilities. Breath in new possibilities and add to this your dreams and desires, breath out and know all is on its way. Breath in the certainty of your belief in you to transform, breath out - all is well. You are worthy, Denise♥♥

Image: Power by Toni Carmine Salerno

Friday, March 8, 2013


Do not see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable as something that needs to be solved, fixed or run away from - instead see it as a mystery to be entered. Allow it to be, sit in it - immerse yourself in it. As you do this something wonderful happens, transformation occurs - you can see the positive and negative simultaneously, healing occurs, you come to peace and surrender the problem.

These illuminating words from Gandhi are often seen and said.
Today, close your eyes and breathe them in. Allow the words to settle within you and listen to the wisdom of you.♥♥

 Here the Top Ten wisdoms of Gandhi:
1. Change yourself
2. You are in control.
3. Forgive and let go.
4. Take care of this moment.
5. Without action you aren’t going anywhere.
6. Everyone is human.
7. See the good in people and help them.
8. Persist.
9. Be congruent, be authentic and be true to yourself.
10. Continue to grow and evolve

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meditation Class - Peace

Meditation Gathering - coming together to inquire into our true nature, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm and Friday at 10am, $15 - Inner Peace arrives when your Inner war ends.♥

Peace starts from the inside, it starts with us. One day a long time ago, I found myself in a traffic jam feeling angry and depressed about my life. I was asking how I could change my life, when I noticed on the car in front of me was a bumper sticker that said “Be the Change you want to see in the world”.

I read it over and over again, for I knew it was something important, but I could not grasp the meaning. So, I let go of trying to understand and I started to cry, not from sadness or joy, but from inspiration. A light bulb went off within me, a wonderful, pivotal moment. My thinking fell away and I felt this statement and realised how arrogant it was of me to think I could change anything in the world if I had not found it within me. Namaste, Denise♥♥♥♥

Be The Change you want to see in the world ~ Ghandi

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Still

Take a breath and become very still, exhale and relax. In this time of quiet and stillness much is happening. Deep within you all is stirring, the old and the new moving to unite in full co- creation. Mixing it up to become more, a liquid creation seeping into every part of you.
This is the feeling you have when a dream of desire is on the way. When this occurs stay in the stillness, don't look for physical evidence and don't wonder what you have to do or how it will happen.
Take a breath and find a way to feel your dreams and desires right now, the feeling you think you will feel when you are living your dreams and desires. Become, Become, Become. Namaste, Denise♥♥♥

Image: Tree of Time by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mystical Meditation

Yesterday, I facilitated the Initiate Course of Mystical Meditation. I am always excited to pass on knowledge and experiences and to learn more about the expansive wonderment that is us all through the amazing students that are also my teachers. Namaste, Denise♥♥ 
Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting against a tree, breathe deeply and slowly... relax.......and breathe. Feel your breath moving you to your heart, your centre as you melt into the tree. At your centre is the wisdom of the Great Go...ddess. You are a living cell in the body of the Universe and your tree will help you to remember who you truly are - a child of the Earth and the Cosmos. Remember now.....♥♥♥

"In the space which thought creates around itself there is no love. This space divides man from man, and in it is all the becoming, the battle of life, the agony and fear. Meditation is the ending of this space, the ending of the me.” ~ Krishnamurti

Friday, March 1, 2013


Each day I have the opportunity to awaken to a new me. This peace sees me moving towards the person I have always wanted to be, instead of the one that thinks I have to be perfect, before I can be worthy of the life I truly want. Namaste, Denise♥♥♥

Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed - borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves. ~ Osho ♥