Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liberate Yourself

Liberate yourself from the manifestations of the past. Throw open the skeletons in the cupboard and release the crystalized thoughts of your ancestors that have manifested as your Genes. Your genes are threads of reality formed by the power of your ancestors thoughts and feelings.
Let us say thank you, thank you to all who have come before us, for their creations and all that they lived, for in doing so they gave us choices and brought us to where we are now. When we are born, we arrive at the vibration of all that the generation before wanted. We are the manifestations of the expanded previous generation. Each generations job is to expand even more for the sheer beauty and joy of it, this is the natural flow of life.
Somehow we allowed ourselves to become living statues, re enacting the experiences of the past, becoming a victim to this. Your Genes are a blueprint, formed by the past to give you a place to start when you arrive. Your Genes do not decide anything, you do. Liberate yourself  step into the flow and become who you know you are. You are powerful, Denise♥
Image: Wonder by Alex Grey

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