Saturday, March 21, 2015


I live in an apartment in Inner Sydney. The balcony has sliding louvers that enclose it, that were closed last night. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on to the balcony this morning to see five beautiful white feathers at my feet. Such a lovely sign from my Angels that all is possible and to stay focused upon my dreams. Doubt can sometimes start to creep into my thinking - if I choose to focus upon the doubt, it leads me on a downward spiral. The feathers prod me to spiral within, back to my centre, reminding me to lighten up and focus on love instead of fear. Where in your life can you lighten your focus? 

 Close your eyes, breathe deeply and spiral within - Focus upon soft pink and unconditional love. You are moving beyond time and space, into unconditional love. Breathe in pink, breathe out love - Breathe in love, breathe out pink continue for at least a minute. Feel the sense of serenity and power that comes when you are at one and peace with yourself and all things. When you feel ready, embrace and be embraced by the magnificence of your physical body. Mind, Body and Spirit in complete unison.
All is well. Om Shanti, Denise♥

New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse and The Equinox

New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse and The Equinox. March 20th AUST EST 8.36pm, GMT/UTC 9.36am. March 19th PST 1.36pm - Solar Eclipse begins about 10 mins later. The Equinox will occur about 12 hours later.

 A Super New Moon and solar eclipse preceding the equinox, encourages and supports us all to feel into our hearts. The Solar Eclipse expands time and space within you. Expand your feeling self - feel into the very nature of you. Embrace what you love, allow and accept what you don't, all heals and your set point shifts. The Piscean new moon will support and assist, opening your inner vision to all possibilities. Then the equinox will bring all into balance as you create a paradigm shift of your set point. Also known as the assemblage point, your set point is more fluid that you think - it is an accumulation of all your collected ideas and beliefs you keep active, in other words who you think you are. You sense the world around you through the filter of your set point. Imagine your set point moves along a sliding track within you. To master yourself means to move your set point, your view of reality at will. Learning to adjust and adapt to any situation, so you stay in your centre of love, and on the path of your heart. You are Love.
You can choose to feel into the flow or resist and hold onto the old paradigm of limitations. The choice is yours and yours alone to make - do you choose love or fear, either way you will be loved by your Higher self and The Universe.

The New Moon
The New Moon always gives you an opportunity to spiral within to set intentions, plant seeds and begin anew. In Pisces we dive head on into the cosmic ocean, feel yourself let go and surrender to the greater/larger part of you. In order to serve humanity and have compassion we must start with ourselves....Pisces allow you to feel and see from your expanded higher self - this shows you and all enlightened, healed - fully in your/their power, ready to dream the dream. Open to the limitless possibilities this new moon has to offer as it connects you to "all that is". Allow it to shed light on the mysterious awakening of this time in our history, triggering something deep within us all, a reminder of who we truly are from our highest inspiration and feeling. Enjoy the journey - Right now, imagine you feel like you would when you arrive at your desired destination and you will see that nothing is missing.

The Solar Eclipse
It doesn't matter whether you see the eclipse or not for you will most certainly feel it, where ever you are upon our beautiful blue and green planet. As the sun is blocked by the moon, a black velvety, matrix of no space or time will give you the opportunity to expand into a whole new way of being. Eclipses are the celebration of big changes – They magnify all we are yet to embrace and love about ourselves and all. Feel the eclipse as a gateway - connecting you to your evolution of consciousness and step into the new paradigm of love as you transform the old beliefs still holding you back. Open yourself to excitement..., curiosity and adventure, live your life, stop thinking about it and just do it.
The Equinox
Mabon - Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere and Ostara - Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere - a time when the light of day and the dark of night are equal.
Wherever you are, know this energy gives you an opportunity to balance and embrace all parts of yourself as you let go of any barriers and obstacles that have been holding you back from you. It is time to review and contemplate all I have accomplished and created. It is time to let go - I honour all that I have done. Whatever I have created, whatever I have accomplished, I will no longer cling to it.....I let it go.... I move on, in order to create more- accomplish more. We are one and connected to all.

 During the day feel the sun illuminate your outer world and during the night feel the moon reflecting the solar energy to illuminate your inner world. Know the power of your mind and feel the expansiveness of your heart, unite them in a sacred marriage and become one with you. The illusion of unbalanced thinking melts away - you now become love, gratitude and grace - seeing and feeling the perfection of all. Everything, person, place and situation has a core of unconditional love that is calling you to your heart, your essence, your soul. Namaste, Denise♥