Friday, May 31, 2013

You are Divine

You are a unique expression of the Divine. Honour the eternal light within you. Even if you can't see it or feel it, know it is there, shining within you. Move your vibration to meet it by just knowing it is possible.  Every day you are becoming more. Say to yourself "Though it may not be visible today, I feel this mystery and I know  I am growing, expanding, becoming more in every moment and I lack nothing. I will look and focus for where this is right now, instead of where I think it is missing." All is well, Denise♥

Thursday, May 30, 2013

You are Love

The mystical, the mystery, the secret is what we call something when we are yet to know it within us. Once you feel it, you have direct experience with it. Once you know this, a realisation will gently move through you, "I am Love and love is the essence of everything". You then begin a new inward journey to feel and know the fullness of you truly are.
When we feel this and talk to people who are yet to feel their own mystery, they will think you are delusional, a little mad. Because they can't see it, they will do what ever they can to talk you out of it. However, if you talk to people who have rediscovered the truth of themselves, they will say " How wonderful, you have awakened to your mystery and have realised there is no mystery, congratulations". 
So as you are reading this, you must on some level be awakening to the truth of you. Welcome, try these words on and use them if it feels good to do so.
Become Loyal to your innermost truth.
Follow the way when all others abandon it.
Walk the path of your own heart.
You are Love. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Golden Path by Toni Carmine Salerno


Monday, May 27, 2013

You are Strong

Whether you believe this or not - know that if you are reading this, you have a strong belief in who you are.

Take a breath and connect with that, start to dream bigger dreams, know all will be fine, for it is time to move beyond any perceived limitations.

You are enlightened and perfect right here right now, it is only the fact that you think you have to do or be something different that holds you away from that.

Be present in each moment, make strong roots and foundations within you and then where ever you go you will feel at home. Namaste, Denise♥

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The In Between

Here we are breathing life into the most glorious space in between. Give yourself a break, this is a time to stop and get your bearings - in this space between experiences and creations in your life.
You have brought yourself to this place for you are gently moving on from your previous experiences and creations. Close the door before you open another, otherwise you will lack the space and energy to breathe life into what is coming.
In this place, close your eyes, breathe and spiral within - a time within time to inquire, adjust and clean up your vibration, your energy - as you do this, the next step will present itself. Feel the sense of serenity and power that comes when you are at one and peace with yourself and all things. Om Shanti, Denise

Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Partial Lunar Eclipse

  A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. Lunar eclipses transform your inner life - solar eclipses transform your outside life. Allow this full moon energy to focus on higher learning and wisdom, gently feel yourself floating upward and seeing all from your higher self. Notice that all is spiritual that at the heart of all is love. Choose to be in love and not fear - you will know where you are by the way you feel. As you float down to merge with your magnificent body ground this higher wisdom, bring in love, enjoy each moment, be joyous, illuminate outwards and feel free. 

 Lunar Eclipses open a void beyond time and space so you can access and feel your eternal being. The Moon... the Goddess... the silvery liquid light. I draw down this cleansing, clearing, healing light... transforming my whole being. Filled now with Grace, Gratitude and Love for my life and all. I can now start to tell a new story........ Lunar eclipses alter your perceptions and allow you to see things in a new light. These new personal insights or "Aha" moments occur because the way you 'reflect' is altered.
When you experience a lunar eclipse, you are experiencing the shadow of the Earth. This may illuminate your shadow side, bringing to the surface unconscious behaviours, habits and emotional reactions. It’s time to let go, let out, let loose the entanglements and walls which you think protect you, for this is what is trapping you in the life you don't want. Whatever you resist will persist, becoming an exhausting power struggle with life. It is time Rise up, step forward and beyond - Love yourself, come to peace with you, right here and right now, this allows healing to begin and a new adventure begins….
Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Moon Tree by Toni Carmine Salerno

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crystal Angels 444

Healing with the Divine Power of Heaven and Earth
I feel so privileged to have be given an advanced copy of this book that I would like to share with you, my feelings and thoughts as I absorbed the information.
I have had contact with Alana from time to time through professional associations and I always knew her loving, creative style would birth unique information to support us as we travel in this new paradigm of love.
In my opinion, crystals have never been tools or something that will take away hurt or give us good luck. I have seen them as companions on my healing journey, sentient beings that hold far more wisdom and love than we could possibly imagine.
To my wonderment here is a book filled with such wisdom and love. Alana gives us the gift of eighteen crystals. The information flows from the perspective of the crystal on earth and also each crystals accompanying angel. This enables a compressive, grounded and yet expansive approach to healing and working with the energy of crystals.
As I viewed the beautiful colour plates of the accompanying crystal angel mandalas, each crystal came to life and allowed Alana’s information and processes to unfold in an easy, natural way. Each Crystal has its own mandala, angel and processes to heal and inspire and with each process added information empowers you, as you ask yourself, if this is what you need at that moment. This enables the healing to be personal and true for you, all the time feeling supported, heard and loved.
Whether you are new or have been in the world of crystals for a long time, there is something here for us all. I loved the journey this book has taken me on and I look forward to re-visiting often, knowing deeper riches and wisdom will be revealed.
This is the first of the Crystal Series books created by Alana. With this as a starting point I can’t wait to see where the following books take us all.
In Love and Light, Denise 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Become aware and sense your body…..connect deeply with your breathing, imagine you become your breath as it moves into its own natural rhythm. Allow thoughts to float by in your mind, without connecting to them… allowing all to be as it is…….Open your heart and feel into the very being of you. Say to yourself " I am without beginning or ending. I am eternal. I am free to experience life in any way I choose. My consciousness is not bound by time or space. Like the universe itself, I am limitless. I am a part of a vast, unified wholeness. My life transforms in magical and unexpected ways. Obstacles that once seemed impassable, now seem insignificant. I rise effortlessly above all challenges, to a place of serenity and knowing. My path forward is becoming clearer and clearer. Every day, in every way, my life becomes more and more harmonious." Namaste, Denise.

Image: Crystal Rainbow Light by Toni Carmine Salerno

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Reality is temporary, let us all face reality is this softer perspective. The events and experiences of your life are multi-dimensional sculptures of living art. Their purpose, form, shape, size, colour and ideas are dynamic - constantly changing as you view this living art from new perspectives, time and space. These events will shift in meaning as you expand your awareness and consciousness and this expansion of you will change your experience of your world. Spiral into you, be who you are for you are wonderful. ♥♥♥

Close your eyes, breath in the breathe of life and imagine you enter a magical forest. Feel something in you shift, unstick, that thing you do or believe that has been holding you away from your dreams. The frozen limitations are thawing, m...elting away. You feel softer in your magical forest, rest here awhile….. feeling your energy returning, balancing…. When you feel ready move from your forest into your day. Open your eyes and see the world through eyes of magic. Create, create, create. Namaste, Denise

Thursday, May 16, 2013

TIme to Change

For the past week I have been living the result of not acting on my inner knowing. The result is a head cold and today I have no voice. I had many messages, choices to change my limiting perception about me, however I chose to do what I have always done - think I have to work harder and push. This is me trying to control what I think is limiting me - of course there is nothing limiting me, there is just a perception of limitation.
All I could see was all that was the same vibration as me. These observations supported my limited belief. I know this is not true, it is just was I was observing, for there are many things in this world happening in this moment and I chose to focus on limitations. For the majority of the time I am vibrating in a space of love, but every now and again something I observe distracts me and down I go.
The last few days have me shifting my perception I can start to feel my limitations lifting and even though I have no physical voice, I can still write and I can choose to focus on many other things that make me feel empowered and before I know it I will be living many manifestations of empowerment.
We are always on our way towards our dreams, find a way to feel today how you think you will feel when they arrive, for we can only see and experience in the physical what we are a vibrational match to. This sickness has given me greater clarity about feeling good and I am truly grateful. Where can you start to make different choices in your thinking today. Namaste, Denise 

 PS If I can't talk, I write, there are no limitations to our creative energy. If you are reading this you are so creative and are ready to move beyond any fear into love and limitless possibilities.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Re - Shape your Life

Shape a new way to be in your life. You have the support and love of the Universe as you step through the veils of perceived responsibilities into freedom.
No one has been placed upon this Earth to make you happy as it not your responsibility to make any one else happy. Your job is to feel the best you can in every moment, freeing yourself and everyone else of the idea we have to please others to be loved.
You are so loved by the whole Universe, as you accept this love all of your relationships deepen and become more authentic and unconditional. You are love and you are loved. Namaste, Denise

Image: The Time has Asked by Jacek Yerka

Gaia - The Greatest Mother

May we remember the greatest Mother of all - Mother Earth, for her great patience as we move our awareness and energy to a place where we can be in harmony and flow with her. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Gaia by Toni Carmine Salerno

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Great Mother

Today, like every day I honour all Mothers, physical and non-physical for the gift of life. I also honour my Mother and my Mother within, the goddess. I allow myself to receive - I will care, nurture, love and embrace my dreams and myself.

The Goddess, the Great Mother dances her sacred wonderment through all, recreating herself in every moment. I look around me in wonder, especially the stars above as they sparkle and wink. Points of light in the darkness illuminating the space where we will expand, as we create upon this planet Earth. 
Let us be reminded - we are a co-creator in this dance of creation. We are the cells in the body of the Goddess and we are an essential part of this eternal Universe. As above so below, as within so without. As it is. Namaste Denise 

 Image: Mother of the Sacred Heart by Toni Carmine Salerno

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Be still, breath and feel your heart gently expand…...find, imagine or see your dreams and desires... hold them in your heart and imagine them being engulfed in amethyst light……this light is transforming them into a sphere of amethyst crystal. Take this sphere of crystal containing your dreams and desires and hold it in your hands - feel it, look at it. This is your seed of creative possibilities, that you are now ready to plant. Mother Earth sends her heart light towards you as a ray of emerald green light. It moves around your hands and your amethyst sphere, your seed - let go of your seed and feel Mother Earth planting your seed in her womb, deep within the earth. Here it will be nurtured, fed and loved, here it will start to grow to manifest…..You have planted your seed. Know your seed is growing and not too faraway it will break through the surface of the Earth and manifest into the physical…………………………………………………...♥

Image: Sacred Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno

Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuart Wilde has Passed

Stuart Wilde has drifted from this plane into another. He was and will still be a great source of inspiration for me. His willingness to challenge what had been set in place assisted me in seeing the world through new eyes.
There were times when he waded into places that made no sense to me, however he taught me to trust what I feel. To stay true to the essence of moving forward into new ways, stepping into the unknown with all its shades of light and dark and not be afraid, for the only thing that can hurt us is the belief that it can.
Thank you Stuart Wilde for your courage to always be a fringe dweller for in doing so you taught us all to believe in our own infinite self. Namaste, Denise♥

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse

NEW MOON IN TAURUS MAY 10 AUST EST 10.28pm GMT 12.28am, PDT 5.28am. PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - MAXIMUM COVERAGE about 40% - MAY 10 AEST 8.57am, MAY 9 GMT 10.57pm, PDT 3.57pm. 

The New Moon gives you an opportunity to dive into your richness and begin anew. As the Sun and the Moon come together a new seed in born within. Allow the energy of Taurus to ground and integrate the experiences of your life. At the heart of all experience is unconditional love and it is time to unwrap your experiences - tear off the wrapping and find the gift. 

Feel the grounding energies of Mother earth as she embraces you with love and grace - you can do this anywhere - in nature, a back yard, a nature strip, a pot plant or visualisations. Feel the new moon illuminating your inner peace, all is fine, you are safe and your path is obstacle free, place one foot in front of the other and be who you are. Know you have great worth - for the Universe loves and values every part of you, for it sees the gift, the unconditional love in your heart. Your job is to see you through the eyes of the Universe. If you are reading this you are a pioneer - you are moving into new territory, forging a path into a new way of being. Decide from this moment forward that the outside world will not affect you, instead affect the world with your love and peace as you walk a new path. Be who you are, for you have something unique and wonderful to share with the world. 

It doesn't matter whether you see the eclipse or not for you will most certainly feel it, where ever you are upon our beautiful blue and green planet. As the sun is blocked by the moon, a black velvety, matrix of no space or time will give you the opportunity to expand into a whole new way of being. Eclipses are the celebration of big changes – They magnify all we are yet to embrace and love about ourselves and all. Feel the eclipse as a gateway - connecting you to your evolution of consciousness and step into the new paradigm of love as you transform the old beliefs still holding you back. Open yourself to excitement, curiosity and adventure, live your life, stop thinking about it and just do it. Namaste, Denise♥

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meditation Classes - New Moon in Taurus and partial solar eclipse

Meditation Gathering - coming together to feel our natural state of being, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm, Friday 10 am, $15. Embracing ourselves through the energy of the upcoming New Moon and partial solar eclipse.

As the moon drifts over the sun, feel your inner and outer lives coming together as one. Be illuminated by your inner light and behold the light of your essence, shinning brightly from your inner star. Feel embraced with the many colours of the moon and the sun and feel your questions of life as creative excitement, an expansion of you and all. This energy and wonderment of life unlocks the door into your divine love, power and wisdom........Push the door open, step through and emerge as a conscious, multi-dimensional, light being - fully awakened ready to serve on this planet, inspiring others to unlock their star. Be illuminated, Denise

Image: Solar Eclipse by Sue Halstenberg

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Your Symbol

♥ Sit quietly and close your eyes, ask your higher self to show you a sign that represents your highest development for this life. Whatever comes will be the most perfect sign to breathe life into your highest will at this time. Your sign may be a colour, a feeling or inkling, a memory, a guide or angel, something abstract or a symbol. Imagine your sign is gently floating in front of you. Light, energy and wisdom flows from it into every part of you. All is transformed - you connect to your higher will and your courage to be you. Allow your higher will and courage to flow to you and become you. Open your eyes and continue to flow through your day♥ Om Shanti, Denise♥

Image: Archangel Gabriel by Toni Carmine Salerno

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I am teaching Reiki 3a this weekend - ready to step into the expanded consciousness co -created by my students and myself. It is a journey for us all into the unknown of creative healing, new information will be revealed about the nature of who we are and how best to create love.
I teach because I am curious and even though I have been teaching Reiki for 10 years, each class is different, expansive, forging into the leading edge of creation.
I thank everyone on this journey with me, for your courage to move forward and expose yourself to a different way of being in this world. Let us all journey on a wave of love and create a whole new way of being. Namaste, Denise♥

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Move Toward Love

Feel the earth beneath you and the universe above you. Breath in and out, let your breathe become soft, gentle, falling into its own gentle natural rhythm. If you are distracted or find yourself reacting, just float in the wonderment of your breath and this sacred space you have made for you.

Feel, observe, open to every experience as you move towards love. If you don’t like it, don’t react just move on and leave that experience there. Move towards love. Move towards you…. be the creator of your life, for if you are not ……somebody else will.

Anytime you focus on something you don’t like, your energy flows to this and you start creating more of it. Focus on what you love, what flows and is easy in your life now. Make love your focus and you will start to see many manifestations of the vibration of love - your dreams and desires. This is your natural state of being - to be bathed in love. Om Shanti, Denise♥

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meditation: Begin From Where You Are

Meditation Gathering - coming together to feel our natural state of being, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm, Friday 10 am, $15. The theme for meditation classes this week is Begin from where you are.
We will be working with the transformative and transmutative Violet Flame. By surrendering all you no longer need to the Violet flame, all that may be holding you away from the truth of you - you set yourself free.
Do you really know what this freedom feels like? To be totally free of worry and fear or concern what others may think. Be who you are, for you are wonderful. To feel sorry for oneself only dilutes your inner power. Obstacles are obstacles until you allow them to become opportunities! Namaste, Denise♥
Image: Cosmic Flame by Toni Carmine Saleno