Thursday, May 16, 2013

TIme to Change

For the past week I have been living the result of not acting on my inner knowing. The result is a head cold and today I have no voice. I had many messages, choices to change my limiting perception about me, however I chose to do what I have always done - think I have to work harder and push. This is me trying to control what I think is limiting me - of course there is nothing limiting me, there is just a perception of limitation.
All I could see was all that was the same vibration as me. These observations supported my limited belief. I know this is not true, it is just was I was observing, for there are many things in this world happening in this moment and I chose to focus on limitations. For the majority of the time I am vibrating in a space of love, but every now and again something I observe distracts me and down I go.
The last few days have me shifting my perception I can start to feel my limitations lifting and even though I have no physical voice, I can still write and I can choose to focus on many other things that make me feel empowered and before I know it I will be living many manifestations of empowerment.
We are always on our way towards our dreams, find a way to feel today how you think you will feel when they arrive, for we can only see and experience in the physical what we are a vibrational match to. This sickness has given me greater clarity about feeling good and I am truly grateful. Where can you start to make different choices in your thinking today. Namaste, Denise 

 PS If I can't talk, I write, there are no limitations to our creative energy. If you are reading this you are so creative and are ready to move beyond any fear into love and limitless possibilities.


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