Saturday, May 18, 2013


Reality is temporary, let us all face reality is this softer perspective. The events and experiences of your life are multi-dimensional sculptures of living art. Their purpose, form, shape, size, colour and ideas are dynamic - constantly changing as you view this living art from new perspectives, time and space. These events will shift in meaning as you expand your awareness and consciousness and this expansion of you will change your experience of your world. Spiral into you, be who you are for you are wonderful. ♥♥♥

Close your eyes, breath in the breathe of life and imagine you enter a magical forest. Feel something in you shift, unstick, that thing you do or believe that has been holding you away from your dreams. The frozen limitations are thawing, m...elting away. You feel softer in your magical forest, rest here awhile….. feeling your energy returning, balancing…. When you feel ready move from your forest into your day. Open your eyes and see the world through eyes of magic. Create, create, create. Namaste, Denise

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