Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crystal Angels 444

Healing with the Divine Power of Heaven and Earth
I feel so privileged to have be given an advanced copy of this book that I would like to share with you, my feelings and thoughts as I absorbed the information.
I have had contact with Alana from time to time through professional associations and I always knew her loving, creative style would birth unique information to support us as we travel in this new paradigm of love.
In my opinion, crystals have never been tools or something that will take away hurt or give us good luck. I have seen them as companions on my healing journey, sentient beings that hold far more wisdom and love than we could possibly imagine.
To my wonderment here is a book filled with such wisdom and love. Alana gives us the gift of eighteen crystals. The information flows from the perspective of the crystal on earth and also each crystals accompanying angel. This enables a compressive, grounded and yet expansive approach to healing and working with the energy of crystals.
As I viewed the beautiful colour plates of the accompanying crystal angel mandalas, each crystal came to life and allowed Alana’s information and processes to unfold in an easy, natural way. Each Crystal has its own mandala, angel and processes to heal and inspire and with each process added information empowers you, as you ask yourself, if this is what you need at that moment. This enables the healing to be personal and true for you, all the time feeling supported, heard and loved.
Whether you are new or have been in the world of crystals for a long time, there is something here for us all. I loved the journey this book has taken me on and I look forward to re-visiting often, knowing deeper riches and wisdom will be revealed.
This is the first of the Crystal Series books created by Alana. With this as a starting point I can’t wait to see where the following books take us all.
In Love and Light, Denise 

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