Monday, April 11, 2011

Psychic Circle Numerology

Tonight our Psychic Circle will be exploring Numerology - Each number has its own energy and when we understand the feeling and meaning of this energy, we may start to understand others and ourselves from a deeper perspective.
From 7pm to 9pm Cost is $20.00 All levels are welcome. Psychic ability is the creative application of human intuition.

Find your life path number.
This number contains the life lessons we have incarnated this life to learn and embrace.
Add together the day, month and year of your birth date, and reduce it again by adding together a double digit untill you arrive at a single digit. NOTE: 11 & 22, 33 are considered master numbers and are not further r...educed.

Basic Number Meanings
1 -Leadership, beginnings, initiation, independence
2 - Companionship, seeks to follow, co-operation, harmony, balance, intuition
3 - Artistic, friendly, creative in the moment, social, communication
4 - Dependable, foundations, dedication, practical
5 - Variety, change, freedom, imagination
6 - Responsibility, love, family, balance, loyalty
7 - Learning, analysis, reflection, healing, mystical
8 - Confident, vision, power, karma, destiny
9 - Knowledge, artistic, completion, concern for others, endings
0 - the circle (cipher) time-less awareness, patience, waiting
11- Visionary, inspiration, ahead of times
22-powerful, forceful, business, master builder
33- Love, love of life, unconditional love for all.

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