Friday, July 20, 2012


Each colour of the light spectrum has its own energetic vibration – these interact with and affect our personal energetic vibration. Colour can have a profound effect on your mood, vitality and well-being – experience the creative, healing and calming effect a colour meditation brings.
Sit quietly and connect to your breath….. Imagine... you are sitting under a celestial, magical, vibrant rainbow filled with many colours.... Allow each pearlescent and opalescent colour to flow over and through you: Gold, silver, copper, platinum, violet, purple magenta, lilac, indigo, blue, pink, emerald green, yellow, orange, red and ruby.

Breathe the colours in one by one and sit in each colour as long as you need to. Let them all pass through and dissolve away ...into the light around you, into oneness….. your light channel is expanding, feel magic and tingling sensations moving through you…. Healing…. Soothing.

Connect to your breath and move back into your day with added energy, balance and creativity…...Know the treasure at the end of the rainbow resides within you. Spiritual Alchemy at work, Denise♥

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