Wednesday, September 29, 2010


To meditate is to be and a way to enter the flow of all that is. Slip into this stillness with an open heart and mind and feel the honesty of your being. Wonderment, challenges, joy and sorrow make up this wonderful, thought provoking, creative, beautiful world. Meditating is a space of allowing and awareness where you embrace all experiences, what you allow or resist will transcend and transform – moving you to oneness within.

Allow the thought "I am loved" to permeate all parts of you, heart, body and mind - feel it filling you up and surrounding you with waves of love and joy. From the depths of you … love and compassion flow to honour the profound relationship you have with all. Mother Earth thanks you for receiving and giving of love – reminding you, as you nourish, love and heal yourself … you nourish, love and heal, all things on and within Mother Earth and Father Sky. Imagine yourself effortlessly flowing through your day.

Image: Blue Planet by Izzy

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