Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was just interviewed about my take on the number 11 and 11.11 for an 11.11.11 project. I urge you all to check it out and get involved for this number triggers an ancient wisdom within us all that will assist us as we move into a new way of being.

Trying to figure out the true or real meaning of 11.11, moves us away from the feeling. For this feeling moves us beyond duality. Nothing is separate from us it is only our observing mind that tells us so. 11.11 is the bridge that brings the heart and mind together, to form a higher perspective on all.

If we try to work it out from our minds only we only see half of the story. When you connect with 11.11 stop for a moment ask yourself how you feel, take note of what is going on within you and around you, for you have the opportunity to see and feel things with new eyes. We are at crossroads we can choose to go one way or the other; we can choose to live our lives in fear or love. 11.11 reminds us of this truth and each individual has the opportunity to choose♥

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