Monday, February 28, 2011


Look at a tree today and intend to see its Aura. Focus on the top of a tree, allow your eyes to relax. Now shift your focus to the sky about 1 o'clock. While keeping your focus on the sky pay attention to the immediate outline of the tree. Remember to relax and allow your vision to slightly go out of focus if it needs to. You will most likely see an expanded white glow around the tree. You may also see actual energy streaks emanating outward from branches which are similar to those that are seen around the perimeter of the sun during an eclipse.

Tonight our Psychic Circle will be exploring Auras. From 7pm to 9pm Cost is $20.00 All levels are welcome. Psychic ability is the creative application of human intuition. The evenings are designed to assist you to fine tune and tap into your inner voice.

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