Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meditation Class - Silent power

Drop in Meditation class tonight 7pm $12. The theme this week is Silent Power.
Silent power is patience and flow - moving away from resistance and toward Freedom.

Trying to fix your circumstances just physically or mentally will not work in the long run because deep-rooted inconsistencies will continue to surface in your life in various guises. To overcome something once and for all means going within yourself to discover the real causes of the disturbance.

This lifetime in yours. You may be involved in relationships and love others, but basically what you make of your life and how you pass through it is your evolution. We all learn to take responsibility for our own circumstances, and, within the Universal Law, we are not expected to take responsibility for theevolution of others. It might sound a bit harsh, but in the Law there is incredible clarity and justice. ~ Taking from "Miracles" by Stuart Wilde

During your day, take a breath and notice the space in the moment before you exhale. As you exhale surrender all tension. . . . .allow all to become quiet and still. In that one breath of silence imagine a pure drop of liquid light and love drop into your river of being…... moving into an ocean of Oneness….. expanding your consciousness into all possibilities.

Image: Turquoise Sea by Toni Carmine Salerno

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