Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Healing for japan

This request came to my Reiki Master Martine Salerno and I send it on.

My Name is Yuko.
We had the biggest earthquake we had ever experienced in Japan. While we are still not sure about the exact magnitude of the damage caused by the earthquake, it is expected that the damage would be the worst in the history of natural disasters in Japan.

I am now asking Reiki masters in Japan to pray for the help and support for those suffering from the earthquake and for the victims, at the same time as World Peace Meditation - at 19:30 on 16th of March. Y&Y Healing Center will have a prayer session at that time.

I would appreciate if you could also ask Reiki masters world-wide to send the light of Reiki to the earthquake-affected area of Japan.

I wish many will join the prayer meditation and share the intention.

Yuko Okamoto
Y&Y Healing Center
Y&Y ヒーリングセンター 〜レイキ&ヒーリング〜
Image is Yuko Okamoto Reiki Master Teacher

A message from the Universe - Let go and have faith for I will take you where you want to be.♥

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