Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meditation Classes

The theme for Meditation classes this week is Metta or loving-kindness meditation from the Buddhist tradition. It is a powerful practice to open to and embody unconditional love of yourself and others. Gently close your eyes, breath into your heart…. Allow your heart to be filled with the light and love of The Universe… breath this your whole body. Be filled and nourished with light and love - now you have this connection it is always there… an infinite flow on love and light .. You are so loved by all… Allow this light to flow from you for the light and love of all beings, animals, the earth and the Universe…………..

Today as with each day, we have the opportunity to be fully present in each moment - calling back our precious energy that we may have sent out with our thoughts, worries and needs - into the past or the future. With all your energy present, you are fully primed to step forward into a life of growth and expansion where all possibilities exist. If you are reading this you have the courage to be true to you…………...

Image: Language of Love by Toni Carmine Salerno

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