Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am teaching the first day of Reiki 2 today - this energy has reminded me: within each of us is the ability to understand signs and symbols. As we integrate them into our energy systems, they trigger a remembrance of who we are. This helps deepen your relationship to all, especially your relationship with self, allowing your passion, love and beauty to unfold.

The symbols below are Ankh, Caduceus, Flower of Life, Monad, Yin Yan, Ouroboros, Triple Moon, Om, Wedjat.

Clarify your mission. Identify it visually until you “see” it! Say it to yourself until you “hear” it. Hold it as a thought. Hold it as a feeling. Endure both positive and negative feedback. Your mastery of life will endure. Our life’s mastery is really our mental mastery. And our mental mastery is simply the willingness to embrace all aspects of our life and never lose our vision and focus.~ Dr John Demartini

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