Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Journey

My journey allows all experiences some I get some I don't, some are indescribable and beyond me at this moment. I may never know what some things mean, maybe someday someone will explain these things and maybe that person is you. What I do know is that I am in awe, I feel so privileged to be here experiencing life and for the most part "The longer I live and the more knowledge I acquire, the less I realise I know."

One day I will retire silently to oneness - to practise the art of nothingness and be free of who I think I am. Until then I am on a journey, a quest, an adventure to know myself and illuminate others to know themselves. As it is, Denise♥

♥Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find. Enlightenment is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. ~ Osho♥

Image: Life Everlasting by Toni Carmine Salerno

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