Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is only your perception of what is happening that causes the problem and makes you feel uncomfortable. The problem and uncomfortable feeling is alerting you to an issue that is distracting you. This holds you away from being who you are, as you continue to live a life that is run by what others say or do.

Today, realise you have a choice. Allow the problem that is getting you down to guide you to a deeper feeling within you, the raw wound that is being triggered. Go through it and not around it, allow yourself to ease into it like a hot bath it may sting a little to start with, but when you eventually sit in it - it feels so soothing . Experience yourself on a more intimate level - for until you help and know yourself you can never help or know another.

Just for today surrender your personal will to your divine will - Make a conscious choice to love and accept all in your day instead of fearing and resisting it.♥♥♥

Surrender your hopes and desires to Mother Earth, allow her to nurture, care and grow your seed deep within the earth. Release all attachments to your hopes and desire and open to the infinite blessings in your life now! All is possible.♥♥♥

Image: Zen Landscape by Toni Carmine Salerno

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