Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meditation class - Transformation

Meditation Gathering - coming together to inquire into our true nature, in a space of allowing all to be as it is. Tonight 7pm and Friday at 10am, $12 - all welcome, no need to book.

The theme for meditation classes this week is Transformation. We will be working with the transformative and transmutative Violet Flame this part of you only knows truth and feels only love.The Violet flame is your most fundamental nature it is what you truly are and as you tune in to this fire light shines through out all the layers and levels of your nature. By surrendering all you no longer need to the Violet flame, all that may be holding you away from the truth of you - you set yourself free.

♥Let us not be concerned with where we have come from or where we may be going. Sit quietly, close your eyes and feel into the eternal moment happening now and now and now. Allow all to be as it is, sink deeper into you. Dive in and allow the riches of you - Infinite unconditional love to be illuminated and revealed. Let go, Let it be. Allow a thought to pass through the Violet flame, feel it flicker - as the thought moves through this flame it is transmuted, it is released, it is dissolved, transformed into love. Be who you are, for you are wonderful.♥

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