Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Higher purpose of relationships is to mirror back to you the parts of yourself you are yet to love. Love is a state of Being, of balance - reminding you of your completeness, the wonderment of a whole you. In this place you can create a life of dreams and desires, not to fill you up but because you can create whatever you what to. Embrace you.♥

You are a Lightworker. A Lightworker enlightens themselves and others to move from fear into love. This will be present always in all that you do - you don't have to figure out how you are going to do it, for you have always been doing it. ...Know each moment will reveal a expanded version of you, where you connect and clarify more and more with your highest values. Here you will be inspired, enlightened to create from your highest self, truth, wisdom, empowerment and Love. Be who you are for you are wonderful, a light being filled with wonder. Open to your truth, Denise♥

I love Om - I am often asked what is the meaning. Here is my reply
"It is the way it makes me feel that I love. It feels infinite, expansive, like I am wrapped up in divine Love and wisdom, floating on an eternal sea of bliss."
Om is all, the sound of birth, unconditional love, the Universal life force and ever expanding oneness. Allow the essence of Om to merge with you and feel you and the Universe expand to become more - co- creation at is most best.

For those whose mind wants to know more - here is an explanation.
lower curve - represents the dream state
Upper curve - the waking state
Curve from the centre - symbolises the dreamless sleep state
The crescent above is maya the veil of illusion and the dot above is transcendence.

Image: Om by Toni Carmine Salerno

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