Monday, June 25, 2012

Reiki Share

Tonight is Reiki Share/Practise - 7pm $15. Feel the essence of you.♥

 Your natural state of being is to be aligned with your essence in every moment - here you will feel life unfolding with joy and synchronicity. When you allow all to be as it is, you are open and receptive to the intelligent creative energy of love and healing. Know that every single cell in your body is intelligent and knows how to heal and balance itself - all you have to do is allow this to happen.
Feel into your very centre and feel deeply and know all is Ok the way it is. We have forgotten what it is like to truly feel - sometimes we mistake any depth of feeling for sadness, any sense of the unknown for fear and any sense of peace for boredom. Allow all to be as it is and know it is perfect - allow you to be as you are for you are perfect right here, right now the way you are. As it is, Denise♥

Image: Archangel Michael by Toni Carmine Salerno

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