Saturday, August 4, 2012


As the island of knowledge grows, the surface that makes contact with mystery expands. When major theories are overturned, what we thought was certain knowledge gives way, and knowledge touches upon mystery differently. This newly uncovered mystery may be humbling and unsettling, but it is the cost of truth. Creative scientists, philosophers, and poets thrive at this shoreline.” ~ W. Mark Richardson, ‘A Skeptic’s Sense of Wonder,’ Science

Mystics and scientists have gazed at the heavens - the Universe and wondered the same things. Mystics speak their observations through poetry as Scientists speak their observations through numbers and formulas and never the twain shall meet...
- until now - for we realise we are all speaking our observation of the truth. Fractals are a wonderful union of poetry and numbers - a new awareness of the eternal, the very nature of our essence. Allow all to be in union and all will become one - from this new platform all is possible. Embrace you. Denise♥

Image: Evolution by CygX1

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