Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi Beautiful Light beings,
It feels good to be back - here are some of my musings about healing and the healer. 

 In the broadest sense, a healer is a person who creates the space for people to heal themselves. A healer will connect to the fully aligned part of a person, instead of the part that is out of alignment. This allows the person to feel their wellness, which is our natural state of being. Once this is felt, it is a point of reference that can be emulated.

 This can take some discipline to move beyond what limits us. If you can’t change something move away from it, if you can’t move away from it change your perspective, look at it differently or go about it differently. This is not about trying, pushing against or trying to mould a situation to make you feel better – that is a childish reaction that is not even true.

 Remember no-one can heal another person, as you are responsible for you own healing. A healer does not do the healing for anyone, instead they love, support, help and guide a person to make the changes required in their life, so they may heal themselves.

Everything happens exactly the way it is meant to and healing will always take place on some level. Be Inspired, Denise♥
Be Still, breath light and love into your heart…Rest in your hearts’ loving embrace - in your ocean of light. Within the waves are your Higher self, angels, guides, light beings and the whole Universe. They see you as love, as your truth, as the beautiful soul that you are – in this moment, see yourself as they do…. no judgment , just waves of pure unconditional love. Be still. All is well.
Image: Luna rossa by Toni Carmine Salerno

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