Monday, August 13, 2012

Holiday and New Moon In Leo

I am on holidays for two weeks - time to spiral within, rest and birth new experiences and ideas. I want to thank you all for your amazing support, words and inspiration. May you take this time to spiral within and get to know you a little more. Allow the outside world, the creations of others to inspire you to your truth and start feeling the life you dream of. See you in two weeks, Brightest blessings - be you, In Love and light, Denise♥
As this will occur when I away - here it is now: Bask in the glory of your essence.

NEW MOON IN LEO, August 18th AUST EST 1.55am, August the 17th GMT 3.55pm, PDT 8.55am

The New Moon gives us the opportunity to go within and sow the seeds ...
of new beginnings. Leo encourages you to bask in the glory of you and the magnificent discovery and expression of your higher/authentic self/essence.

Allow your dreams and passions to be illuminated and realise all things are possible – for these feelings, dreams and knowing’s always precede your physical experience.

Have faith and trust in you and the unfolding beauty of your life and don’t swap faith for the evidence you think you can see. Open your heart to change and creative risk, be the spark that illuminates and inspires you and others - allow yourself to shine for you and all to see and step courageously into the truth of you.

Image: Sacred Heart by Toni Carmine Salerno

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