Friday, August 23, 2013

Spiral inward

The mystery of you is just what is not known. The way to know the unknown is to spiral within and get to know every part of you. Meditation and any process that brings you into a place of allowing all to be as it is, will alter your perception beyond judgement, enabling you to explore your inner world without fear. When you allow the stories of who you think you are to fall away - your truth will shine. 

♥ Close your eyes and feel into your very being… feel your way through, trust your senses, your intuition. As you allow yourself to be, sitting in this space, having faith all will be Ok….. Your inner star is born, shining forth from your heart. Allow the dark and light to be there within you, coming together to illuminate, to guide you as you feel your way through this life and beyond…….....♥ Om Shanti, Denise

Image: Gaia's' purple crystal heart by Toni Carmine Salerno

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