Saturday, September 14, 2013

Create something new

You are creating your tomorrows by where you focus your energy Today. Act as if your dreams and desires are here right now and let life surprise you. You are a powerful creator.
Today, I willingly allow forgiveness of myself, others, situations and places that are holding me back from who I know I am. I breathe love and life into my dreams and visions, allowing myself to see and feel with love, compassion and understanding. My clear insight and knowing is reflected in my outer sight and knowing.
Choose one word that best describes your deepest value, affirm it, hold it dear, remember it, breathe life into it, and live it. This word will be a guide and a support in your daily life. It will provide a foundation for choice and action...... bringing much clarity - keep this word as long as it inspires and feel good - when it no longer does either of these, a new word will emerge that connects to your deepest value. Feel the creative unfolding of life. Namaste, Denise♥

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