Monday, December 9, 2013

All is Possible

On my daily walk near my home in Sydney, I came across a man creating these sculptures. He told me "I love to work in public spaces, creating works of art that defy reason, to remind us all that anything is possible." There is nothing holding the rocks together except the will and knowing of the artist. I just love them and look forward to seeing new sculptures that defy gravity. Have a creative day.
What are you going to focus upon today? Are you going to go about things the way you always have and complain about where you are? Or are you willing to be who you know you are, and live today focused upon that. Not letting yourself or anyone else, talk you into doing things the way you always have, because it feel familiar. Whatever you choose, you are loved, you just have to be in the range of love to feel love, otherwise, you will feel fear. If you are in fear you can't feel love. Today, be esteemed by you, teach yourself to believe in you. Become you and all will yield towards love. Namaste, Denise♥

Image: Manifestia by Izzy Ivy

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