Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We are Free

I have arrived home after spending time in Melbourne with family and friends. This time of the year seems to bring with it an expectation of how things should be if you love or are loved by someone or someone/s. I found myself thinking about past interactions and then worrying they would repeat themselves. In the middle of all this worrying I stumbled into a place where something in me said "You are not who you used to be, in actual fact no one is, for change is constant. From your new perspective of love you have an opportunity to see you and all from a balanced place and here you will tell a new story about everything. This will set you and all others free."

So, before I left to go to Melbourne, I set about practising my expanded perspective of love, finally allowing this to be the foundation and platform I live my life from. There were times when I left this place and I always knew because I felt bad or negative energy. For the first time in my life I did not try to fix or change anyone or anything. I just found my way back to my foundation of love, by excusing myself from the situation (often saying I was going to the toilet).

Then from my expanded perspective I told a whole new story/ies about my life, I set myself and others free and felt more love that I have ever before. May you be inspired by you to be who you are, shining brightly in full acceptance of your beauty, Feeling completely free to create and experience life. I am who I am.

Thank you for all the support, wisdom and love. Today I give great blessings for the amazing experiences, challenges and insights of 2013. With grace and gratitude I let go and surrender all situations, places and people I have brought into... my world. Breathe in your 2014, imagine it to be gold, illuminating your limitless freedom ... breathe out 2013 surrounding it in violet and feel it transform into love ...All is well, Denise♥

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