Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 21 and 22nd 2012

I am going bush for a 3 day ceremony for the Solstice. I won't have mobile or internet access so I will post my writing for the next few days. Enjoy!!

Image: Tapestry by Toni Carmine Salerno

December 20th
I am travelling to Byron bay today for 3 days to participate in a Shamanic Burial tomorrow evening. I am blessed to be accompanied by one of my students who has become a wonderful friend. This is the apex of a 20 year spiritual journey and I don’t really know what to expect from myself. I do know it is time to stop searching - I will place all ideas, concepts, beliefs, paths, into the loving arms of Mother Earth and thank her for the opportunity to experience all I have created upon her. I will Surrender to my Divine Will, and allow all to come up for healing or recognition. It is time to let go, to honour all that I have done. Whatever I have created, whatever I have accomplished, I will no longer cling to it.....I let it go.... I move on, in order to create more - accomplish more. Well, this is my intention, somehow lying in a grave, in the dark overnight that I have lovingly dug and prepared, sounds quite wonderful, however, the reality could be something very different – I will let you know what happens next week. 
Maybe today you can have your own Gaia meditation.  Be a living expression of the Universal Life force; allow it to flow through you, to inspire, to illuminate the love in all. Today say to yourself, "May I open to that great awareness which is my true nature, and may my actions flow from that awareness." Feel Mother Earth for she is a living Cosmic Being. Walk or run barefoot upon grass and feel the energies of the Earth. Go for walks on the beach and feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Be still and get in touch with Nature. Talk to the nature spirits and all the members of the Nature Kingdom. We are all connected. We are all One. Give thanks to Lady Gaia for her generosity and Love. Om Shanti Denise

Summer and Winter Solstice 21stDecember
Happy Summer Solstice and Mid Summer blessings – As you experience the longest day of year, celebrate life, bounty, grace, abundance and all that are given to you from the Sun. Here is a time to pause so you can view your life from a distance in order to gain a true perspective. The Solar Rays are at their brightest, illuminating all things, your emotions, your thoughts and your motives. Here you can see all and make any adjustments. Breathe the outer sun into your inner sun and feel all move together - a sacred union with all.  

For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere - Happy Winter Solstice and Yule Blessings -As you experience the longest night of the year be reminded that night is a time of dream, vision and a wonderful journey into the depths of oneself, the darkness of unknown possibility. Celebrate the Sun's return in all its power–breathe in golden light and allow the sun to shine light on all your possibilities, so they can be manifesting into the physical. If you like, light a candle and give thanks for the warmth and light of the sun. Breathe your inner sun out into the outer sun and feel all move together – a sacred union with all.

December 21st
So here we are – the doorway is open. We have been here for a long time and as you make your focus love and not fear you will awaken to this realisation. The truth of you has always been here, waiting for you to align with it. Whatever has been – let it be, for all that matters is what you choose from this moment – so make it count. You are creating from a whole new platform, beyond any perceived limitations. Feel your fullness, feel your divinity. Here no time and no space exist, for all is here and all occurs simultaneously. Our Divine Self is all knowing, it is multi-dimensional and one with Source and so when we are connected we can access things way beyond the limitations of third dimensional time and space. Open your heart, feel the love of all. From this moment no longer will we make fear, instead we will make love in each moment. In love and Light, Denise
December 22nd
Close your eyes and imagine you have just arrived on this beautiful planet. You have no pre-conceived ideas or thoughts about what you or others should experience or do. Open your eyes - look through new eyes and see infinite, possibilities and freedom everywhere. You are free.

Hold this feeling and imagine a point of light radiating from your heart. This light represents your deep intention, the wisdom of your soul, often beyond the comprehension of your conscious mind. Focus on this place and affirm to yourself – “I am guided by the light of my own soul and I am guided by the light of my own intention.” Namaste, Denise♥♥♥

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