Monday, December 10, 2012

Star Visioning - The Lovers

Star Visioning class tonight 7pm - working with the energies of The Lovers and Sacred Union
A lover comes into your life to reflect your love, your higher self - the love never comes from that person, it feels that way because they are in love - in a state of being where no fear exists. Breathe love in and breathe love out - make a conscious effort to be a lover of life and you will feel like you are making love in every moment of your life.

We all have a feminine and a masculine side to us. In Jungian psychology, it is termed the anima and animus: the male has an inner feminine, while the female has an inner masculine. Neither is more or less important than the other - they simply offer us different and very necessary parts of our being for our soul to create through. Allow them come together in your heart and feel the oneness of you, the eternal unconditional love that you are. Namaste, Denise ♥♥

Image: Sacred Union By Toni Carmine Salerno

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