Thursday, February 21, 2013

Projection and Reflection

Meditation class focussed on the shadow last night and I was reminded, actually slapped in the face by an old pattern. Thank you to my brave students who by embracing their shadow, assisted this teacher and student of expansion, to become more. When I arrived home after class, the tears leapt from my eyes with such force I had no choice but to be alerted to an unbalanced point if view.
The tears are a manifestation of a resistance that melted away, a letting go, a coming to peace with - I just didn't realise how much I was hanging on to an old pattern of needing to be accepted and loved. Today, I will endeavour to accept and embrace every part of me, for until I do I am at the mercy of my disowned parts that just want to be loved and accepted, constantly making themselves known to me in what ever way they can.
If you have a reaction to someone's words or actions today, take a breath and a step back, for they are mirroring a similar vibration of you that wants to be released or integrated. There is also another side to this observation that needs to be recognised - if you are inspired by someone's beauty, wisdom or love, take a breath and step back for they are reflecting what you have not yet recognised in yourself. We are all as One, co - operating through love to bring balance to all. Namaste, Denise♥

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