Saturday, October 6, 2012

AS above, SO below

Today Saturn moves into Scorpio - Change is constant, let us embrace this energy as a way to transform. The choice is yours - feel into the path of least resistance and all will flow - feel your wisdom, know you are love and be who you are.
Look to the stars, not as a way to escape this earth, but for guidance - for a sense of who you are.
Look to the stars for they are gateways beyond space and time - illuminating the eternal moment that is NOW.
Listen with your heart as the source that you are a part of, speaks through the starlight - feel the words as they inspire the very truth and love of you. Eternity is now, Shine on. 
As Saturn alerts you to your higher path, ask your higher self to show you something in the next 24 hours that you have not seen before. A new perception, a different way of looking at something that you have seen a hundred times before.
Then open yourself to receive. Something unusual will present itself and you will see the external world is in fact internal, communicating to you in a detached, non-judgmental way - Unconditional love.You are expanding, Denise♥

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