Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon in Taurus

FULL MOON IN TAURUS OCTOBER 30th AUST EDST 6.50am - OCTOBER 29th GMT 7.50pm, PDT 1.50pm. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and celebration. It shines light into our inner world, alerting you to where any wonderment of yourself needs to be recognised and embraced or something that may be out of balance.
We, Gaia and all are moving into a higher vibration, as this occurs anything disowned or denied within us or the collective is arising for healing, integration and transmutation. Taurus full moon will illuminate how far you have come and what must be released now for you to be who you truly are. Letting go is a coming to peace with what has been -we can't change what has been however you can focus on the new creations of your life. The holding on is what will cause you pain - the letting go frees you to use your precious energy to create your life.
Allow this full moon to show you the sensual, earthy abundance of creation and gifts we receive from Mother Earth. The polarity of the Scorpio sun intensifies intuitive insight to assist us to feel and see Divine Love, Wisdom and Strength in all creation.

♥Take a deep breath, listen to your heart connecting to the rhythm of Gaia and honour your temple, your body - for it is the physical manifestation of your Spirit/Soul/Higher Self. Know you have great worth and create beauty in all you do – allow your senses out to play and create beauty, intimacy and deeper connections with your Spirit/Soul/Higher Self. Feel a magical transformation gently moving you into love and the wonderment of the eternal you.♥

Image: Moon Tree by Toni Carmine Salerno

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