Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Medtation Classes

The theme for Meditation Classes this week is Transforming Fear. Visualise a flow of love into your solar plexus to calm you - love & fear cannot co-exist in the same space as they are different vibrations. Visualise you are safe & will know what to do in any circumstance or situation - this will become your reality. Say this affirmation to yourself: “I trust I am a channel of love and wisdom & my soul/spirit/ higherself will guide me in all times and situations - so I can relax, have fun and live my life.

As you move along your path, seeking your truth and manifesting your dreams, you will from time to time come across an obstacle. You may try to go around it, jump it, ignore it or even climb right over it because you are seeing this obstacle through the filter of past experience which brings up fear. This filter is the sum total of everything you have learnt or been taught consciously or sub consciously and it wants to keep you safe, protecting from any pain you had experienced in the past. This thinking will always bring up fear and fear is an illusion that holds you back, rather than an intuitive message telling you not to do something. In my experience, fear is here to announce you have reached the boundaries of your comfort zone and this is something to be celebrated as your dreams are always beyond your comfort zone!

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