Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Samhain/Beltane 2013

30th April/1st May - Happy Samhain (Halloween) to all is the Southern Hemisphere and Happy Beltane to all in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here is a time when the veil between all worlds, your multi dimensional selves, is at its thinnest and we have the opportunity to embrace and love all parts of our whole, the one. 

Samhain is the illumination of shadows, the underworld and death - embrace the fear of the hidden and unknown with love and feel it transform into life. Beltane is the sacred marriage of feminine/masculine the god/goddess within - when we connect and rebirth the truth of self.

Both festivals usher in transformational energies through sacred fire, burning away the old and illuminating the new. Feel illusions melt and dissolve, come together with you, become  liquid gold – spiritual alchemy… feel the divine essence/soul/spirit of you.. Namaste, Denise 

Image: Flame of Compassion by Toni Carmine Salerno

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