Thursday, April 25, 2013


WESAK FULL MOON IN SCORPIO AND PARTIAL ECLIPSE APRIL 25/26th -  APRIL 26th AEST 5.57am, APRIL 25th GMT  7.57pm, PDT  12.57pm - PARTIAL ECLIPSE - Peak time AEST 6.08am, GMT 8.08pm, PDT 1.08pm

A full moon brings about completion, release and celebration, Illuminating your inner world and deepest desires. The Full Moon in Scorpio is a magical time of regeneration and rebirth it will focus a ray of illuminating truth on your deepest, most passionate desires or ...innermost feelings….. It will delve deeper and further revealing your buried past, bringing you face to face with anything you have been avoiding. 

 Lunar eclipses alter your perceptions and allow you to see things in a new light. These new personal insights or "Aha" moments occur because the way you 'reflect' is altered. As this is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, we are likely to experience some intense emotions. During a lunar eclipse, we are experiencing the shadow of the Earth. This may illuminate any shadows within ourselves, bringing to the surface unconscious behaviours, habits and emotional reactions.  

Resisting will cause emotional extremes - these extremes are a reminder and a trigger that something is out of balance. Instead of avoiding, blaming, moving away or trying to go around these extremes that may bring discomfort - go through it, sit in it, allow it to illuminate the truth, the hidden reason why you may feel upset. This powerful energy will bring new awareness to all within you, new understandings and truths will be revealed, you will not be in the dark anymore - let go, for freedom awaits you.

Let all be as it is and let go, let out, let loose the entanglements and walls which you think protect you, for this is what is trapping you in the life you don't want. Whatever you resist will persist, becoming an exhausting power struggle with life. It is time rise up, step forward and beyond - Love yourself, come to peace with you, right here and right now, this allows healing to begin and a new adventure begins….. 

Open your heart and allow the Scorpio healing waters to flush out all that holds you away from being the person you know you are. Allow the healing energy of Unconditional love to comfort, regenerate and nurture you, as you move through this time of transformation. You are becoming a butterfly, feel your wings opening and allow yourself to fly. 

All is possible and all is one - feel this Wesak moon illuminate and celebrate the eternal you. 

Wesak is the valley below Mount Kailash in Tibet that is the Crown Chakra of Earth. Every year at this Full Moon many people make a pilgrimage to this valley where all the Masters and non physical Divine Beings meet together for a shift in consciousness in humanity and to anchor higher energies onto the Earth Plane. It is also the time Buddha’s birthday is celebrated. 

Image: The Buddha Presiding Over the Thousands Gathered in the Wesak Valley. The Hierarchy assemble in the 5-pointed star. (Artist: Francis Donald © 2011.)


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