Friday, July 26, 2013

All is Love

Mother Earth does not want to be revered or dominated , she just is and she is a reflection of who we are. We will only revere her when we don't feel worthy and we will only dominate when we are scared, fearful about who we are. Can you see it is the same fears that underlie both.

Mother earth knows you are grateful because you are here, there is no need to tell her or the Universe how grateful you are or keep thanking them - all they ask is you allow the beauty that is all around you to remind you of your beauty, however the choice is always yours.

Be in the flow of beauty, for in this place you can now feel and co -create with Mother Earth. You can feel her higher consciousness, be aligned with her creations and what she would like to create for her physicalness. You are a part of her creation as she is a part of your creation. When we unite and create together, infinite possibilities abound. Her loves flows to you always.

Allow the thought "I am loved" to move gently through your heart, body and mind. Feel love filling you....... feel it as soft pink light nourishing and sustaining you as your whole body and spirit eases into a state of Oneness......... From the depths of your soul a profound love, grace and gratitude expands through your whole being and reveals a truth about you. In Love and Light, Denise♥

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