Thursday, July 18, 2013


You observe the light and dark of duality as a way to see your creations, manifest into the physical. The great light of love is different to the light of duality - it is the merging of all opposites into ONENESS.

Become clear with this otherwise you will be chasing only light, happy and nice, denying the dark, sad and awful or visa versa. Opposites exist when we focus on one side - you know what you do what when you know what you don't want. Duality exists in this plane to have us ask different questions of life and create physical manifestations from that energy that flows from the question - this is how you create your life.

Once you realise this you can become a deliberate creator instead of being pushed and shoved around by your past and others creations. Be willing to embrace all, let all and others just be, transform duality and be a master creator and alchemist. In flux, Denise♥

Image: Oceanix by Izzy Ivy

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