Monday, July 29, 2013


For you to fulfil your potential, to become all that you can in every moment, you must be in balance otherwise you are resisting life and causing tension. This resistance and tension is needed to a certain extent for anything to expand, grow and become more. Learn to observe the resistance, not let it run you. Anything you don’t like, sense it, feel into it and the next logical step of your life will present itself. But when you make this thing you blame, for making you feel bad become your main focus, you move further and further out of balance and the truth of you.
Imagine just for a moment that we are all connected, all different streams of consciousness originating from one source, experiencing and playing upon this physical earth plane, in all its shadow and light to expand, grow and become more. The shadow and light cause tension and resistance, but also allow us to see our ideas, thoughts and creations manifest into the physical, in order for us to create more and be pioneers, creating unfolding newness for the sheer joy of it.
It would seem logical that in our connectedness, we would sense anything out of balance. The natural order of the Universe has all things moving back into balance in whatever way it can. We often call this an agreement, a contract or Karma, but can you see these labels may not be what we think they are, for all is just moving back into balance, into love. So, whether your attention goes to your family, friends, work colleagues, someone you bump into, someone you observe, someone you admire or someone you dislike, we are all in a contract, an agreement with each other to remind us of the love that we are. Om Shanti, Denise♥

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