Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Look Beyond

Today pull back the curtain of what you think is real and peek behind the veil. You will see and feel your essence, the expanded you, the truth of you and the love that is there for you. Look deeply at this reflection that is peering back at you through the veil, give yourself a wink and say "I Love You".
This is source creating through you, feel that feeling of love flowing through you activating even deeper truths. Be dazzled by the brightness of your love and clarity. Immersed in this stillness and peace, feel the transformative power of unconditional love - sit and wait for my inner instructions and while you are waiting, breath love into the hearts of all and know the greatest gift you can give is to see the divine in everyone right now, then that allows them to be it. You are Divine, Denise♥

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